Saturday, August 11, 2012

Things I would like to have in the Java Programming Language

1) The class name is the class object

If Foo is a class than Foo should be the class object, not Foo.class

2) Method literals

If class Foo has a method bar than

should be an instance of the java.lang.ref.Method class, i shoudn't have to write

Foo.class.getMethod ("bar", null)
3) Method literals (part II)

If object foo of class Foo has a method bar, than should result in an instance of a new class java.lang.ref.InstanceMethod which holds a reference to the bar object and to the method.

4) Method literals (part III)

If foo is an instance of the  java.lang.ref.Method, than foo () should result in method invocation, I should not have to use foo.invoke ().The same applies if foo is an instance of the new class java.lang.ref.InstanceMethod

5) Operator overloading on java.lang.Number instances.

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