Monday, January 30, 2017

Nice movies, bad for women

I would like to draw a comparison between two great movies, namely Hichcock's Vertigo and David Lynch's Lost Highway. The analogies are so strict that it's difficult to imagine Lynch did not deliberately reference the Master of Thriller's masterpiece.

In Vertigo there are two women, a blond irresistible woman that turns out to be a deception, and and a real humble woman with brown hair. The latter woman's death is due to the lack of self assurance of the man she loves. The blonde woman appears in the first part of the movie, in which the deception unfolds, the brunette woman in the second part of the movie.

In Lost Highway the situation is similar but reversed. The real brunette woman appears in the first part of the movie at the end of which she's killed by the man she lives with because he cannot deal with his jealousy. In the second part of the movie a dreamlike blond woman appears, but the desception ends with the final distruction of the male character.

In both movies both women, the blonde and the brunette, are impersonated by the same actress.

Both movies deal with male insecurities and are fine artistic representation of how personal imbalance, immaturity and lack of psychological stability (recall that Hichcock's movie title is Vertigo!) can be harmful to other people and to the person itself.

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